The chapter “Security for the Tamino Access from WebDAV”, explains, for Tamino 4.1 or higher, and authentication=Tamino, that inodavuser and certain groups and ACLs/ACEs will be automatically defined.

In one place it says this will happen automatically when the “Tamino WebDAV Server is started”. In another, it says “security definitions are automatically created each time a store is configured. Please note, that for Tamino 4.1 additional restrictions apply”.

1. Could you please explain what these “additional restrictions” are?

2. Could you confirm that the security definitions will be put in place after inodavserver restart?

In several days of playing with this on several different instances of Tamino, the security definitions were only created once, and i don’t know what conditions made that happen (or rather, prevent it from happening automatically all the other times).

XSV; INO 4.1.4



Hello Jason,

there is a known bug in the security setting generation, which will be fixed with the Tamino Webdav Server The TWS will be released soon (couple of days) via the download area of this community.

The ‘additional restrictions’ are documented in the two tables under ‘Security for Tamino 4.1 or higher’. Because of the different authentication and Tamino API possibilities supported by Tamino 4.1.x, (for security reasons) the security settings are not generated in each case.

kind regards