Initializing Instance ID with user defined value

i created a Model in which i am doing a processing of transactions like Orders and Order Response.I am looking for an easy search in Monitor where exactly the search should be made using my order number.
So i am just looking for a way to map my Order Number which is Unique to the Instance ID of the model which is available in the monitor.

In this way i should be able to give my order number and should be able to see the transaction status for that order number in the Monitor.

Can anyone tell me whether this is possible or not. If not, is there any other way of doing the same.

Thanks in Advance,

There is a fix that you can install that allows you to log a custom id for the model instance. We use this to log the EDI customer’s name and the order/invoice number. T&hen you can you use the search page in monitor to search for a particular doc number. Do a search for all fixes/patches for monitor/modeler, i dont remember the exact one off the top of my head.

Hi Jyothi,

please check for Monitor_6-1_Fix6, which has dependencies on some IS-Fixes.

A smarter way would be to upgrade to Monitor_6-1-5, IS 6.1 SP1 & FP2, which are rolling up the fixes in doubt.

IS 6.1 FP2 is required, as it is providing the service pub.prt.log:logCustomId.


As replied before you need to have the latest IS 6.1 FP2 + Monitor 6.1.5 to start with. Also if you using Trading Networks and if your model is subscribing to TN document then the ConversationID of the TN transaction automatically becomes your CustomID which you can search on.


Thanks everybody for the solution. I got the fix and now iam able to track the Order number as my Custom ID. But I want to know where exactly this pub.prt.log:logCustomId service needs to be invoked in the model.

I tried to invoke it in my first step but every time when i am running my model 2 processes are shown in the monitor page with same Instance ID. One with the Custom and Instance ID as the run time ID and the other with custom ID as my Order Number and Instance ID as the run time ID.

Can anybody help me to avoid this behaviour of my model.
My requirement is I just have to see a process in the monitor where exactly my Custom id comes as Order Number and Instance Id as the Run time ID.

Thanks in Advance

You have to re-load the Audit Schema to fix this issue. Go to your IS Administrator page → Extended Settings and enter the following


Re-start the server and this should fix the issue


Thanks, it solved my problems



This is a good thing this customId.
But i would need to get the instanceId back from my customID. How this is possible? This is because i need to check the status of my model by using wm.monitor.instance:getInstance, but the service receives instanceID as input parameter, not customID.
Any idea,