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I’m have found mention of something called the Software AG Cloud Trust Site and am trying to locate this web site if it exist.

If that specific site does not exist then I’m trying to find information on where Software AG Cloud publicly publishes service availability and critical alerts, and hopefully provides the ability to setup alert feeds to customers using tools such as one these; Email, RSS, PagerDuty, etc

The purpose here is to provide our organisations IT Security team with details on what Software AG offers in this regard.

Software AG is of course just one of a very large number of vendors we use so I am hoping they provide simple feed mechanisms for alerts that do not presume dedicated constant individual engagement by our security monitoring personal. Something that can be providing relevant critical availability and security alerts without the need for establishing individual account daily login access sessions.

Hello @Alan_Carlyle1 ,

You can refer to for updates about public webMethods iPaaS environments availability, incidents history, and planned maintenance events.



Hi Alan,

I believe the Cloud Trust site url is
Adding @Jay5 who may provide additional detail.

@Alan_Carlyle1 let me add 2 cents to what @Bharath_Meka1 already wrote.

Software AG has decided to use “STATUSPAGE.IO” from Atlassian as the vendor for our since many other companies already use the same.

You will find there build in features for eMail, RSS or even webHook based notifications.
Especially the later are very easy to integrate with your existing systems. Also if you want you can send such events this was to our own SaaS and use the build in connectors to integrate them with your backend. :slight_smile:

In case you are an “Enterprise Customer” you also have also the option to request via the support process a so called “dedicated support page”, that you can use to receive notification who are 100% specific only to your tenants. This will minimize the events that people need to decide on if you are impacted or not.
There are also additional benefits with that special status page like tenant dedicated health checks, that can go down if you want even to your hybrid connected systems in ONPREM world.

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Hi @Alan_Carlyle1, yes the reference to Software AG Cloud Trust Site was originally linked to the site referenced by @toni.petrov and it has links to the similar status pages for all Software AG Cloud products. For, the link referenced by @Bharath_Meka1 is correct and should give your IT team the feed they need. The general Trust Site is now replaced with Software AG Cloud Trust Center.


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