Inetgration Server connecting to JBoss as JMS provider

Hello Everyone

We have a situation were we the Integration Server (IS) connects to a JBoss JMS provider via a JNDI tree, that is

IS - client
JBoss JMS - provider

We are trying to secure the JMS using certificates and trying to find a way to install the client certificate (from JBoss) on the IS.

IS version - 7.1.2

I cannot see an option in either in the JNDI settings or JMS setting under Messaging on the IS Administrator where we can provide any certificate details. However I do see an option to provide a keystore if we were to use the native webmethods API i.e. if webmethods broker was to be the jms provider.

Has anybody been able to specify client certificate to talk to a non webmethods jms provider such as JBoss. ?

Thanks in advance

Please furnish more details to provide me with output.


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