Increase in TCP connections after network problems

Dear all,

We are using WebMethods6 SP2. We have encountered the following phenomenon:

After a network problem that caused the connection between the Proxy and TN to be lost , we see a steady increase in the number of output new TCP connections on TN and input new TCP connections on the Proxy. The connections get higher and higher until we restart TN and the Proxy.

Does anyone have any experience with this behavior?

Thanks for answering in advance,



we got the same phenomenon, but with SAP BC 4.5 and 4.6.

Please check if there is any firewall with timeout in your network.
This could probably be the reason.

To get really rid of the problem we had to do more than that. Finally we had to install the BC all over again on a clean system and guarantee that the repository is cleaned every day. Else we had still tha same problem.


Hello Josep,

Thanks for your input.