Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'IF'. CREATE COMPONENTTRACKER [25.0] FAILED

Hi All,

while I was trying to run the migrate the ISinternal Db scripts thru DB configuration I am getting the below error:

OS: Windows 2008
IS : 9.12 version

  • create Database Component: ComponentTracker CTR

  • Versions
  • Version: mysql 25.0
  • Scripts create
  •   Script(1): D:\SoftwareAG-912\pregp1esb912a\common\db/scripts/mysql/componenttracker/25/create/mys_ctr_c_ddl.sql

  • Executing script : D:\SoftwareAG-912\pregp1esb912a\common\db/scripts/mysql/componenttracker/25/create/mys_ctr_c_ddl.sql

Error: [SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘IF’.
CDC ERROR [SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘IF’.
Suspending execution…

          Summary of installation errors

Error in executing file D:\SoftwareAG-912\pregp1esb912a\common\db/scripts/mysql/componenttracker/25/create/mys_ctr_c_ddl.sql
SQL error [SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘IF’.

      Database component configurator summary

Date : Fri Jan 03 06:46:21 GMT 2020
Database : MySQL
User : ISGP1912_OWNER
Action : migrate

Migration failed

ComponentTracker 25.0

Could you please help me with the resolution if you have come across the above error.


You should raise this under subforum “webMethods Integration Server & ESB”, not under "webMethods Adapters and E-Standards ". This has nothing to do with adapter or e-standards adapters.

This is purely IS related DB configurator issue.

Hi Hari,

can you provide us the list of fixes applied to your installation for the following parts?

SharedComponents → DataDirect

Additionally provide the Database-URL you are using.
The error message looks like it is using a driver for MS SQL Server instead of MySQL.

I am not sure if MySQL is already fully supported by wM 9.12. Might be that this was introduced in 10.x


Hi Holger,

Thanks for the reply. I got the issue fixed. actually I was selecting the DB type as MYSQL rather than SQL DB.