Incorrect size of TID encountered Anyone get this

We’ve started to get the following errors for IDOCs being sent to SAP:

Error occurred in the Flow Service -

Error Message - Incorrect size of TID encountered

Seems to happen randomly, has anyone experienced this and know of a fix??

Also see this error in the dev_rfc.trc file which corresponds to the times we get the above error:

**** ERROR file opened at 20040504 095532 Eastern Dayligh, SAP-REL 620,0,941 RFC-VER 3 583708 MT-SL
T:3024 Error RFCIO_ERROR_MESSAGE in abrfcio.c : 1407
T:3024 <* RfcReceive [47] : returns 3:RFC_SYS_EXCEPTION
T:3024 <* RfcCallReceive [47] : returns 3:RFC_SYS_EXCEPTION
T:3024 <* RfcCreateTransID [47] : returns 3:RFC_SYS_EXCEPTION

Any insight would be appreciated.

Hi Jim,

we are facing the same problem but only for one specific SAP System! the other Systats are working well!

Have you found a solution on this?