Incorporating non-webMethods based APIs


In a large corporation it is likely that several teams will develop their own APIs. If we want to create a common API management across the whole company, support for non-webMethods APIs is required.

What should be the process of on-boarding these APIs? Give access to different API providers to register their own APIs on the API Gateway? Then, from inside the API Gateway, let them publish on the API Portal? Is it possible to automate the process publishing the APIs on the API Portal?

Any recommendations/comments for such a process?


You are right. You may have many Provider systems who wants to publish API’s and all of them can publish API’s to SAG API Gateway. Provider system need not be an IS only, and it can be any product/technology who can provide API specification in Swagger or RAML or Open API spec that can be imported to API Gateway.

Now that API Gateway has got all the API’s from different providers (either SAG or non-SAG products - doesn’t matter), Gateway can publish them to API Portal for External Developers to access them. Automating can be done by CICD by referring to underlying Admin API’s that does these activities.