include a HTML with a FRAMESET in a CAF view

Hello, I want to include a html that has a frameset with 2 frames:

inside a view , when I deploy the view, it does not work but when I deploy only the html it works correctly, I need it inside a view to use in a CAF Application, Thanks

I’m not sure if I fully understood what you were trying to do, but i’ve attached a sample that demonstrates using a Frameset (via custom Element) along with Frame controls.

Hope this helps.
–mark (8.35 KB)

Yes, you understood what I meant,
But I also would like that the users could resize the frames dinamically,
How could I do it using the frame controls?
Thanks again,

You just need a little fancy javascript. Have a look at the updated sample, and when you drag the portlet around on a workspace, it will automatically resize to fill the portlet.

–mark (9.17 KB)

Hello again,
I have looked the sample, but it does not work for us, because we do not use portlet views, we use application views.
I adapted it for this kind of views but it could not deploy correctly, it has some javascript errors when I run it (some values are ‘null’, it does not know OpenAjax).
Thanks in advance

Ok. I had assumed that you were using 8.x and the Drag and Drop Workspaces. Since you aren’t, you won’t need to worry about any Drag and drop resizing, so you wont need to subscribe to the Open Ajax hub. What you should do, is change the javascript listening logic to listen to the on load events.

Hope this helps.