in WM IS 8.2 Debug.log(int, String) has been deprecated

Hi guys,

I just started developing a new Java Service in WM IS 8.2 and the Debug.log(int, String) method have been deprecated.

Could you please advise in what to use instead of it ?

Any suggestion wil be very appreciated.

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for java service in IS, you can always use:
Service.doInvoke(“pub.flow”, “debugLog”, inputParams);
to write to the server log.

Are you using some third party logging tools before?


Yes, this is a solution but i am more interesed in using a java method. Invoking a service for calling the Debug it is not a very good practice.

i do not use any 3rd party libs.

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You can use the java code below, it’s the same with debugLog service.

JournalLogger.log(4, JournalLogger.FAC_FLOW_SVC, JournalLogger.DEBUG,"function", "message");

@ sil mac,

In future for any java service you can also refer the JAVA API reference for wM 8.1.2

This link is very useful.