In either wm Flow service or Java, how do you find the wm IS directory

Hi All

I am writing a flow service that deletes log files.
I would like to find the current directory webMethods is installed on.
I have been searching through the documentation to do this.
For example
webMethods is installed on
“C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer”
but how do I get this file path in java or webMethods built in service.

I do not particularly want to hard code the path into the flow service.

I have found a webMethods java API method
ServerAPI.getServerConfigDirFONT=Courier New[/font] but this only returns the .\config path.

Does anyone know how to get this file path for webMethods IS in java or in a webMethods built in flow service?

When you look into your file you should see a variable called $IS_DIR.
You could probably add that to your environment variables and then write some java code to pick up the variable.

Another way would be to use the getSpecificSystemProperties service from PSUtilities look at the user.dir variable to get the IS Home Dir


The WmRoot package contains a service wm.server.query:getSettings. This service returns, amongst a lot of other things, the WM_HOME directory.
Not that this is not a public service, so it may change without notice in future releases.

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