Improved Data Point Graph Widget for Cumulocity IoT


A new data points graph plugin is now available as an extended feature, bringing significant improvements to your data visualization experience
Key Improvements in the Data Points Graph Plugin:

  • Real-time data display can be easily switched on or off, depending on your preferences.
  • You have the flexibility to change the aggregation type directly from the graph.
  • A convenient date selector is now available on the graph for better time-based analysis.
  • Parameters being plotted can be effortlessly toggled on or off with a simple click
  • The Y-axis is now color-coded based on the selected parameter, making it more readable.
  • You can now save the graph view as an image for easy sharing and documentation.

… and many more minor usability improvements have been made for a smoother user experience.


To take advantage of this plugin, ensure you have the compatible version of the Cumulocity UI, which includes versions 1016.0.214, 1017.0.146, and 1018.0.45.

Installing the Data Points graph plugin is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Cumulocity > Administration > Ecosystem > Applications > Packages.
  2. Look for "Cumulocity community plugins" and find the "Data points graph" package.
  3. Click on "Install" to add the plugin to your custom application (cloned cockpit).


We value your feedback and suggestions. If you encounter any issues or have ideas for enhancements, don't hesitate to create GitHub issues. We also welcome contributions to improve the plugin even further. You can find the link to the repository below:

If, for any reason, you can't access the package in your tenant (version 10.16 or above), you can download the latest version from the release section manually (from here) and install it by navigating to Cumulocity > Administration > Ecosystem > Applications > Packages > + Add package in the top right corner.


If you are interested in contributing to the Cumulocity Community Plugin plugin and making it even better, there are two ways you can do it:

  • Open a Pull Request (PR): If you have code changes or improvements ready, you can fork the repository, make your changes in your forked repository, and then submit a Pull Request to the main repository. The project maintainers will review your changes and, if approved, merge them into the main codebase.

  • Raise a Feature Request:: If you have an idea for a new feature or enhancement but don’t have the code ready, you can create a feature request in the repository. Describe the feature or improvement you would like to see, and the project maintainers or other contributors might take it up for implementation.

Both of these options allow you to actively participate in the development of the community plugin and contribute to the Cumulocity community. It’s a great way to collaborate with others and have a positive impact on the tool’s functionality and usability.