Importing Swagger 2.0 documents

I am new to SAG WebMethods and currently trying to understand how WebMethods can be used to expose RESTFul services / Web Services. I believe as per the new version ( v9.9 ) swagger documents can directly be imported into the designer to create resources, is this true? I’ve been trying to create that but no luck.

Can anyone help to with the steps to follow in order to import Swagger 2.0 document in WebMethods Designer.

I assume it must be on Centrasite BUI. Read Importing a REST Service from Centrasite administration guide.

Use the import Service command to import a REST service using RAML or Swagger
file into CentraSite.

Interesting :smiley:

I am not using API Management ( centraSite ) but I am using WebMethods Designer to develop ESB flows. Can we import swagger document in WebMethods ESB ?

In 9.10 version, Designer has introduced new IS asset called “REST API Descriptor” by which you can create a swagger document out of IS REST resources & later you can expose this swagger text to API Portal manually & expose as an API, but the reverse of it i.e. consume Swagger text & creation of IS resource is not yet available, hopefully will be available in next few releases…


Hi Prashant,

Could you please share the document or some links on the above.

The docmentation on Swagger/Rest API descriptor is available in 9_10_Service_development_help.pdf.

Kindly anyone can help to update paths(instead of manually) in swagger file to pick data from localhost like incase if we have URL aliasing.


Hi all,

Have we any news on this?

Does anybody know if is possible to import Swagger in Designer 9.12?

Any idea to facilitate the documentTypes creation based on the swagger file?
For instance converting swagger to json schema or something similar?

Lots of questions, sorry :smiley:

Thanks in advance!!!