Importing CA cert to Trust store

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Can any one let know about the importing of CA cert to trust store in Integration Server.

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Assuming you are using IS 8.x.x

So please follow these steps and test it:

KB #: 1737983

Step-1: Openssl rsa -inform DER -in D:\certSetFinal\MyPrivateKey.der -outform PEM -out D:\certSetFinal\MyPrivateKey.pem

Step-2: Openssl x509 -inform DER -in D:\certSetFinal\MyPublicCert.der -outform PEM -out D:\certSetFinal\MyPublicCert.pem

Step-3: Openssl pkcs12 -export -in D:\certSetFinal\MyPublicCert.pem -inkey D:\certSetFinal\MyPrivateKey.pem -out D:\certSetFinal\Mykeypair.p12

Enter Export Password: manage
Verifying - Enter Export Password: manage

Step-4: java -classpath C:\webMethods712\MWS\lib\ext\org.mortbay.jetty.jar org.mortbay.util.PKCS12Import D:\certSetFinal\Mykeypair.p12 D:\certSetFinal\Mykeystore.jks

Enter input keystore passphrase: manage [for file.p12]
Enter output keystore passphrase: manage [choose new pass for file.jks]

Step-5: Used Key tool to import the CA certs if you want as trusted certs.

keytool -import -file CA.cer -keystore MyKeystore.jks

Step-6: At the time of keystore generation the keypair was named as ?1?, renamed it from the portecle GUI to Mykeypair and added a password ?manage?

Once we did all that and configured the certificates to the HTTPS port and tested it, everything seemed to work just fine.


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