Importing ADL files via WmBrokerAdmin fails

When trying to import an ADL file with “eventtype” and “clientgroup” definitions via WmBrokerAdmin we get an exception: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException COM/activesw/tools/util/ImportExportTools

and the import fails. We finally succeeded to import the file using the command line tool “broker_load”. The exception suggests that the method signature may have changed in and that the change has not been reflected in the calling method. Does anybody know about a fix or a workaround?

This is a known problem. There is a fix available from webMethods technical support.

Jay Gauthier

BrokerAdmin_6-0-1_Fix2_WIN.txt should fix your problem.

As mentioned in another post, BrokerAdmin_6-0-1_Fix2 addresses this issue.

Information about BrokerAdmin_6-0-1_Fix2 can be found here on Advantage.

The Article ID of the Fix is 1610888474.

You can go directly to the Fix by selecting “Article ID” from the Search drop-down and entering the ID or by accessing the URL below.