Import view page bean name is missing

In my project I have to reuse some existing view which are created in another project. I added the jar file of the project into the new one’s deployment assembly as well as added the code in the java build path. Now I have created a portlet whose default view contains an Import Template View. I am setting the value of this template with the path of the view that needs to be shown. But MWS is throwing an error “Import view page bean name is missing: importTemplate” where importTemplate is the id of the of the Import Template View control. Please suggest where am I going wrong.

Make sure all the managed beans needed for your shared view are declared in one of the faces-config.xml files loaded by JSF.

For a utility jar that contains shared views, that usually means creating a new META-INF/faces-config.xml file that is embedded inside the jar file and declare all of the managed beans in there.