Import Process portlet in CAF UI

Dear experts,
i am building transactions search UI in CAF. Requirement is to connect transaction with its process , so that if user click on any transaction , can be redirected to its associated process . Kindly guide on the possible solution , i can think of 2 approaches but need more information to achieve that.

  1. Link the Transaction with Process URL
    a) Is it possible to retrieve process url by passing process instance id or custom id ?
  2. Import Process inbuilt portlet in caf UI and pass the required parameters.
    a) any documentation about Process inbuilt portlets and list of control parameters
    Kindly suggest the best way to achieve it …

Hi Rohit,

Please check the attached document.

Hope this fulfill your requirement.

Redirect to built in process instance page.docx (210 KB)

Thanks you Suman ,

It works like a charm :slight_smile: Made my day !! thank you so much for sharing detailed document !!