Import problems WM process models 6.1-->7.1.2

We are in the process of Migrating WebMethods6.1 to WebMethods7.1.2 platform. We need to import 6.1 process models developed on Modeler to 7.1.2 Designer. Keeping in mind production migration we need to migrate both the deign time and run time process data. We managed to import the Process Audit database runtime data from 6.1 and subsequently ran the SQLServer migration scripts for process audit (6.1–>6.5–>7.1.2) and successfully upgraded the process audit database. We had created process engine related tables of 7.1.2 using the db configurator. The business process models are getting triggered successfully in the new 7.1.2 environment . We were also able to monitor the process events using the MWS.
One of the observation during this upgrade process was while we imported the Process Models from 6.1 to 7.1 the ProcessKey value in 6.1 does not reflect in the new environment. 7.1 seems to store the imported Process model with a ProcessID and the value is completely different. We had noticed the Process Id getting generated automatically (non-ediatble) and it contains the foldername/process path/process name. This is different than the processkey value generated in modeler automatically. So when we try to build the process models using designer on the new 7.1.2 environment it inserts new records in process definition tables WmProcessDefinition with process key value instead of updating the table. This is resulting duplicate process models in the data base and also the new model process keys to be different.
Can you pls. suggest on how we can retain the process key values from 6.1 while building the 7.1.2 process models and avoid duplaie process defintions getting created at process audit database level.