Import ad Export IDs in MWS

Hi there experts !

I have a crazy number of IDs I need to create in MWS.

I was wondering if there is way we could export them from an pre-existing environment and import them into an MWS?

Is there a set of files where IDs/Passwords are saved that we could move?
Is there a service?

Please Help & Advise !
Thanks folks !

-Scooby !

I am afraid this option is not available… :frowning:

where do the IDs get created?
any idea?

Users on IS are stored in users.cnf and on MWS it get stored in TBLUSER in MWS db schema…

what do you think about moving data from TBLUSER ,TBL_USER_GROUP & TBL_USER_ROLE from source MWS’s DB to target MWS’s DB?

Thoughts? Ideas? Advice?