Implementing Guaranteed, Only Once Delivery...

Dear All,

It’s great webMethods have brought us together into a virtual world of knowledge transfer. Thanks for such a facility.

My area of concern related to Adapter Development is,

  1. How to implement Guaranteed, Only Once Delivery of Events.
  2. Are these above mentioned properties are for Notification Adapters or it is extensible for all types of Adapters.

If you can give me details of Sample Code related to these property implementation will be great help for my development.


I have a similar kind of question. In webMethods B2B Server there are some services which helps you to call a service on another B2b Server with option of Guarnteed Delivery. I understand that part and I know how to use tose services.
My question is how can I use those services to ensure guarnteed delivery when I want to exchangea document with our partner thorugh FTP(i.e. in case our partner do not have wM Partner server)? Is there any way to ensure that my document will be delivered throguh FTP eith the help of Job Manager in B2B Server.