Implementing Connection Pooling for an LDAP Directory


I am in the process of designing/forseeing a web services architecture that has among other datastores an LDAP Directory. Part of the requirements: that application activity be logged, ie, that there won’t be anonymous access to the Directory, nor will there be a shared id among all web services

One issue: I’d like to leverage the connection pooling capabilities of JNDI, as during peak usage periods, the delivered model of connecting, BINDING, doing the query/update, UNBINDING disconnecting adds too much overhead.

I imagine that the connection pooling has to be done as a Java Service, particularly given that the connection has to be managed on an application by application basis. (That is, the existence of a connection isn’t sufficent; it has to be a connection with the appropriate BIND).

Has anyone tackled this problem? Am I on target with my envisioned solution?

Thanks in advance!


Were you able to get the connection pooling to work for JNDI?

I am trying to implement the JNDI connection pooling properties currently, using LDAPS, not LDAP connection, so I have already created the LDAPS service. I am having trouble with the connection pooling now.

When I read documentation online, it seems pretty straight forward. However, I have tried several variations, and was unable to get something that would work. It seems that my pool of connections remains at one (the default) every time.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


I took over and completed the work Bob was doing and never ended up using connection pooling. Sorry.