Implementation of Portal 6.5

We currently have WM6.5 IS & TN in production for 2 years.
We want to add WM Portal server 6.5 or 6.5.2 so need some advice.

  1. Do we need to install Borker to install& use WM Portal server?
  2. Do we need to install My webMethods server?
  3. Any suggestions whether to go for using dsp pages or portal developement.
    We have some implementations of DSP pages but portal is new

Thanks in adavance,

Hi Vijay,

Mywebmethods is an instance of portal server, don’t get confused with it.
Do not necessarily need to install Broker to use Mywebmethods server. Iam not sure if we have portlet editor in 6.5 or but sure you can do portal developement 7.1.


More specifically, MyWebMethodsServer (MWS) is the new name for Portal, the products go

Portal 6.5
MWS 7.0
MWS 7.1

Its the same product :slight_smile:

As mentioned, no MWS doesnt need a Broker to run. The old WmBrokerAdmin screens are now contained inside the Adminstration part of MWS, so if you want to administer the Broker, and dont have an old copy of WmBrokerAdmin around, you need it.

The question about wether to do it in DSP or Portal pages, its a tough one. You are in a very common situation, DSP is well known and while portal might be the “right” place for it, portal skills are far less widely known than DSP.

Theres no one answer really. Will this be a complicated application? Will it grow with time? Whos going to be using it, support or business people?

Id take a good look at the amount of time of time its going to take to skill up on portal development for this project. Is it worth taking the time? Maybe if you have a lot of UI screens to do in the future, doing them “right” in portal and keeping them seperate from the IS is a good thing.