Implement WS Security in Integration Server (Flow Service)

As far as I know, the only way to implement XML digital signature and encryption in IS 6.x is to use a java service to invoke methods in a third-party WS-Security library.


Two possible choices for java libraries implementing XML digital signature and XML encryption are:

Working with these libaries is not an entry level task and requires advanced knowledge in both XML and Java.


Hi Mark,
Thanks for the information.
I was thinking of having it done through the Java Component hosted on J2EE web APP Server. This Java Component will accept the XML Request message from wM, digitally sign, encrypt and invoke the webService and then verify, decrypt the reponse XML from the webService and pass the XML message to wM.
By using this approach, we do not have to invoke the Java Jars within wM. Please let me know your thoughts on this approach.


If someone in your organization has the skills to write the java classes to handle xml digital signature and encryption, then I would recommend running that in Integration Server rather than attempting to call it in a J2EE app server. If the classes are placed into a java archive (jar), they can be easily called from a very simple IS java service.

Making a call to a J2EE app server each time an XML doc needs to be signed, encrypted, signature verified or decrypted introduces additional points of failure and degrades performance.

Host the java services in IS.