ILA adapter performance problems

We are using the ILA 4.1 adapter to invoke java beans to insert data into BroadVision/Oracle and we have noticed that when the adapter’s input queue exceeds 200 documents, then after processing 150-200 documents, it just hangs and stops processing more documents from the queue. We have to restart the adapter.
This is not acceptable for production mode.

Has anyone any clues to fix this? We also ran it in debug mode but to ano avail as there is no error message or trace with that symptom? We can consistently repeat this. We have the JVM heap size set to 1024M and we see the adapter only reaches 98M max.

Please HELP ! This is a showstopper bug for us.


Changing the heap-size won’t be much of a help… First of all, ILA 4.1 has some bugs fixed in the service packs… I remind a bug that has the problem. Just to clear some things up…

  1. Is the broker still running ? Does it stop or does it continue ? Is the adapter connecting to the broker on the local machine or on a remote location ?

  2. You could try to run the Enterprise Monitor, let the adapter run, replicate the problem and put it’s logging level on the maximum. Export the file and take a closer look at the time something is going wrong… (just 2 make sure that it’s not your JBeans going crazy).

  3. It could be that the documents published are reaching close to the 4.1 transaction limit (8 megs) and that the documents handled is going slower out than coming in…

Have you been able to have the same problem on a different machine ? If not, it could be a local problem. webMethods have an excellent support system for these kind of emergencies and I would advice you to go through them first… If you want to go deeper in this problem so I can help you, feel free to e-mail me.

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A follow up :

Trax:1-7AUSB Events stuck in the client’s queue

Has been fixed by webMethods Service Packs… Go Advantage I would say…

~Formal Known As Technical Support Dude~


I do not see a service pack specific to ILA on this.

Is it in the ADk run-time?