ignore non-closing HMTL tag by XSLT

As you know XSLT requires well formed document (e.g. closing HTML tag without opening is causing an error).
The problem is that I need to create an closing tag which should be ignored by XSLT.
Since there was no opening tag in that xsl the error appears :-(.
As a merely fact opening tag is placed in some included *.asp page.

Is it possible to solve this problem!?


It’s not clear from your post if you’re generating the document that will be input to an XSLT processor or if you’re trying to clean up a document you got from someone else. If you’re the one generating the document, then don’t be a bozo and make sure it’s well formed. (Here is some advice about how to do that.) If you’re getting the document from someone else, you might take a look at HTML Tidy or similar programs.