If targer server is down..

Hi All,

I have to send soapmessage to a targetserver using the websevice connector.
In soap.util.soapHTTP,i am mapping the soapData to SoapRequestData,
My question comes here,

1.If the targer server is down,what will be error code?
2.webMethods have any mechanism to resend the data from that point?
3.Webservice connector have any features like it assure the data to targer server?

Thanks in advance,

All suggestion will be appreciated.


  1. If the SOAP Endpoint (URL) is unreachable, then you will get a low-level HTTP error that results in a SoapStatus of “2”.
  2. The REPEAT statement is one of the seven basic Flow statements. Its use is described in the Developer’s Guide.
  3. As stated in these forums more times than I can count and as recently as two days ago, the Flow generated by the Web Service Connector should not be used beyond early prototyping because it contains hardcoded values and lacks adequate error handling. It’s nothing special, just a Flow, modify it to suit your needs.