if broker is not available what will happen i.e where the data will store?

if any one knows replyfor this

Please review the documentation.

It goes into DocumentStore. better go through Publish-Subscribe_Developer’s_Guide

Mangat, will document go to the document store if it’s volatile document?

I would like to add one more comment .
Criteria 1:Basically we are publishing documents to broker using webMethods IS then its fine.
Criteria 2:If you are using weblogic or some other application to publish documents ,it should be some other mechanism to keep the data without loosing if the broker is not availble.


while we are doing in publishing if the broker is not available,
dispatcher monitor the broker if the broker is available or not, if the broker is available it connect to the broker through connection pool connectivity. then document send to the broker.
if the broker is not available dispatcher will determined the storage type. based on the storage type dispatcher store the document in the out bound store. when the storage type is volatile then dispatcher will discard the document and thrown an exception, when the storage type is guaranteed then dispatcher will store the document in outbound document store.


You will find the document in the directory of webMethods7\IntegrationServer\replicate\outbound.

Hi Venkat,

I guess you given the wrong path. I checked in IS directory and the path given by you contains the package not the publishable document data.

As per my knowledge If broker is not available then data goes into IntegrationServer/DocumentStore directory.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

Mangatrai is correct .
webMethods7\IntegrationServer\replicate\outbound it contains archive packages.
I believe the broker document store area “IntegrationServer/DocumentStore”.


Hi All,
I posted one question in IS category, but that question is some how related to this topic, if any one knows the answer please share it with me.

As per the pub/sub pdf & IS Admin pdf, it says that the following directory will be used for default document store.
what is Default Document Store is:
when we are delivering the doc, then the subscribing IS will get this doc from the broker, and initially it placess to the default document store, then it places to the desired Tigger queue.
we can see this default document store location from IS Admin–> Resources → Document store settings.

what is Outbound Document Store is:
When we are publishing the doc, that time broker is down then dispatcher stores the Guaranteed Document to the Outbound Document Store, in which location (path) it will be saved?