IE6 problem with modal dialog control

We have a problem with the modal dialog control when using IE6 browser.

When a modal dialog is rendered over controls of type “Dropdown”, the dropdown controls are rendered over the modal dialog and are not hidden behind it.

This behavior does not reproduce all the time, but only sometimes.

This behavior is also present if we press the “Save” button from filter page and the saving modal dialog is rendered.

We’ve seen this exact issue and fixed it (internally referred to as MWS-3378) in the 8.0 version of MWS. I imagine that you are using 7.1.2 or 7.1.3?

If so, you’ll need to request a backport of this fix. Please open an SR and refer to this forum post so that we can quickly cross reference the source code revision.


Thank you for the information.
Indeed we have the MWS version 7.1.3 .