Identity of user

When a webMethods service is actioned how can I obtain the identity of the user who has logged into the Integration Server?

Please excuse the simplicity of this query but I am relatively new to this field. All help gratefully received.

You can use this service, wm.administrator.util:getCurrentUser to get the user logged in.

Can this service be used even when a document has been published and is processed on a separate Integration Server? Will the username still be the user who invoked the original service?

No, it will be the user running the service on the second Integration Server. If you need the original user, it must be passed along in the document.

– Tim

Depending on your needs, here is another approach to consider. Get the clients’s IP address rather than a username, then get the association from either a table or a file.

This service is available in pub.flow:getTransportInfo.

Yes, this would also need to be published with your document.