Identifying a portlet rendering in a portlet include control

Hi all,

Is it possible to identify that a particular page is rendering via a “portlet include” control ? Or Is it possible to set a flag value when a portlet is rendering inside a “portlet include” control and can clear the same when we render the original portlet as it is not in “portlet include”?

Can we achieve this without getting the current url?


I think you are asking two questions.

#1 Is it possible to include a whole page in the PortletInclude Control?
[mark] No, that isn’t supported

#2 Is it possible to ‘signal’ the portlet that it is currently being “included”?
[mark] Yes, i would pass that as a parameter in the PortletInclude Control and expose a preference on the Included Portlet. That way, the included portlet can understand whether or not it is currently being included.


I want to pass the value to inner portlet which is an object.

But I guess portlet preference does not accept object.

Any alternative…?