How to retrieve data from an Idata object .
I mean the data which is stored in Idata object has to be displayed individually on a page .


Yemi Bedu

You can use the getCursor method in IData.This gives tou an IDataCursor as output and using the IDataCursor object you can find the different key/value pairs in IData.There are different methods in IDataCursor which you can use according to your requirement.This way you can get the values and display it on your page.The API’s are present in the path mentioned above by Yemi.


Puneet Verma

I wonder why we have IData and IDataCursor , can someone pls tell me why not simple java HashMap are used. What is the need of IDataCursor , why not have get and put on IData itself.


The values class which implements the IData interface has some key differences with a Java HashMap or HashTable:

  • It preserves element insertion order so enumerations return correctly ordered elements. Note that replacing an element does not move it to the end. []It can store null Objects. []It requires String key names. [*]It can store “unnamed” objects which can be retrieved by their insertion order.

These differences are leveraged by IS to do its work. You can create Values objects directly from a hashmap and access them using an IDataCursor.




Yemi Bedu