I want to know how many times per user performs an execution

I want to know how many times per user performs an execution

====== ==============
xxxxxxx 999
yyyyyyy 88

Executes what ?

  • An Adabas command ?
  • A Natural program ?
  • A batch job ?

. natural program of level 1 or a job natural batch

Do you have Adabas REVIEW ?


With regard to your answer to Wolfgang:

Suppose I am a “user” and execute an online Natural program. The program has a main INPUT statement where I do some data entry, then produces an online report.

Which of the following is (are) relevant to what you are trying to do:

I execute the program once, enter, in succession six different data sets, then exit the program. Do you want to count this as 1 or 6?

I execute the program once, enter two different datasets, then go to lunch, leaving my screen at the m,ain INPUT statement. After lunch I enter an additional three data sets. What do you want to count this as?

I have a batch Natural program. one day I process 2000 records that satisfy some criteria. Another day I process 3 million records. Do both of these count as 1?

What is this “utility” going to be used for?


I have an environment NATURAL-ADABAS in Z/OS.
I count 1 execution whenever a user executes a program in the line of command and later it gives enter and also I count 1 whenever a user executes a Batch NATURAL-ADABAS

Have you considered to run an Adabas Review report with the fields


Together with a rule you can as well limit the amount of produced output data. NATPROG will tell you the program name and NATEXEC will be set to ´1´ for the first time. If you do a SUM for this field you can easily see how many times the program NATPROG got called (no matter how many Adabas calls within this program were executed, but you can get this number as well with the field COMMANDS.
Only backside is that you only see programs which do execute Adabas commands. Adabas Review is the monitoring tool for Adabas.

See Empower for further explanation of these fields: