I.S. shutdown question.


We are daily shutting down our I.S. using a java program invoking wm.server.admin:shutdown
We invoke this service with a 5 minutes grace period to allow running sessions to complete (timeout option). Unfortunately, it seems that users can continue to logon during this grace period �

Is there a way to let current processes running but disallowing new connections or new services to be launched ?

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One suggestion would be to block the setup ports.

Can you send me the JAVA program you use to get an external shutdown started.
I am a simple Admin and do not know JAVA coding (yet?).
Jim Riley jriley@wmata.com

One suggestion would be to block the setup ports.

It’s the solution we are thinking about … but what will be the concequence if a file is being transfered ? Does blocking a ports stop current files transfer ?


After process of shutdown is started register event handlers for following events
�Session Start Event� and for �Audit Events�
When new session is started try to kill session with

I hope this help.

Hi James, there is some shareware at wmusers that should help:


This will take you to wmusers shareware site and you can download shutdown programs, scripts with instructions.

I would recommend: wMShutdown For IS 6.x (1598k)




my collegue Emmanuel Bigot has send the source code of the tool we are using.
Please search in the forum keyword ‘IS shutdown emmanuel’ and you will find his message.

Anyway, I think this code come from some Freeware source.


thank for your tip, we’ll try your solution.

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