I.S. as reverse invoke and multple protocols

I originally had the understanding that the reverse invoke server can support multiple protocols on the same I.S. instance.

I have been advised that is not ture. That the connection protocol from the Q/A or production IS server inside the firewall and going to the reverse Invoke server must be the same as the protocol that the trading partner will use in getting to the reverse invoke from the outside. Therefore only one protocol ( HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP) per reverse invoke server, meaning in order to support each protocol I will need 3 separate reverse invoke servers.

Anyone out there with experience setting up and using a reverse invoke server, single instance using multiple protocols? or - is the advice correct ?



Forgot to mention… IS version is 6.5

Has anyone incurred any problems or issues with setting up both HTTP and HTTPS on the same “reverse invoke” I.S. server ?:confused:



A single reverse invoke can handle all the supported protocols.
In 6.5, the connection protocol between the Internal Server and the Reverse Invoke Server is SOCK or SSLSOCK which is a proprietary Webmethods protocol.