I can't get my Ewon Flexy device registered

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level are you on?

This is a question from one of our free trial users in Cumulocity IoT

What are you trying to achieve? Please describe it in detail.

I can’t get my Ewon Flexy device registered. It keeps “Wait for connection”. I followed the following quick start guide that should work: flexy-cumulocity-connector/QUICK-START.md at main · hms-networks/flexy-cumulocity-connector · GitHub

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

“Wait for connection”

Have you installed all the latest fixes for the products and systems you are using?

@Christian.Schade Can you have a look in this issue and support the user to get his flexy device connected?

As @Nadezhda.Rusenova informed me, this issue was solved already by correcting the parameters of the “CumulocityConnectorConfig.json” file that has to fill as describedd here:

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