I can't erase old processes


I created several processes on the same object, and I tested the flow by creating new records. Now only one is available, which is the last one created. The rest I want to delete them but I can't, the message it shows is:

  "You cannot delete this process. It is attached to 162 records that are currently in progress. See the Process Monitor page for details"

I checked in the Process Monitor, that there are tasks related to the processes that I want to eliminate. I deleted all the records created while testing those old processes, but I have not solved the problem.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.


Hi Lucia,

After deleting the records, you are able to see the tasks related to the process in the Process Monitor because those records are still present in Global Recycle Bin. Just delete all the records from Global Recycle Bin then you can able to delete the process.

Mudassir Afreen.

I followed your instructions and I was able to erase the old processes. thank you very much for your help.