I cannot see the Document Types in Broker

Hi all,

I have a problem with Broker. I want to look at the published documents on the Broker from where I will pick them up. But my partner company says that it has published the documents on to the broker and when I tried to track them.I dont see anything in the BrokerAdmin Page. We are using 6.1.

When I see its connection status it displays the Error:No connection to Broker Server localhost was made:

In detail: A connection to the Broker Server “localhost” could not be established. Make sure the Broker Server is running on the correct Broker Server:Port and the Broker Server host is running, reachable, and known in the network.

But when I look at the connection in admin page. It says Connected. I am not able to understand whats really happening.

It would be great if anyone could help me in this regard.


Did you see this error in IS logs?
Probably broker might have gone down and came back in sometime.

Check the broker storage file size, broker logs…