hyper link for the IDs in an asyn table


I need an Hyper link on an ID value in a Async table. Whenever I click on that, I’m planning to invoke other WS.

I could see “Select Row Link”, “Select Row OnClick”… not sure how to use these and where to implement the interface.

Interface : ISelectableTableContentProvider

Need your inputs.


For your situation, you can try Command Link or Async Command Link, set the ID as a Control Param.

HI Xiaowei,

I used “Command Link” got the hyper link on the ID, right click ‘command link’ and created “create control accessor” and used Action property to call MessageBean function to pass the ID value to pull its records which I required.

Can you tell me is there any other easy way of doing this? Or this is the only way.


You can add a Control Param in General tab of Properties View for Command Link Control, set the Name to whatever you like, for example “id”, bind the Value to the id variable, then you can get the id value with the java code below in your action.

String id = getRequestParam().get("id");

Thanks Xiaowei.

Not sure on using with script. For now I’m going with my approach.

Will try to implement using script. If you have very basic code in using the script can you share me let me try from there if not no issues let me try to dig :slight_smile:

  • Sam.

It’s not script code, detail please see the attachment.