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Hi All,
I am new to WM world ., one of my customer want to me send a file via HTTPS , they given certificates(.pem format)
and username and password
They want to Put file on [URL=“”][/URL] where /incoming is one directory on their serevr ,
this will take only file with name as remotesecur.txt , (In manual if you open this site this will have browse
button from where you can do upload file)
I already done renaming the file into remotesecur.txt , here my question is
1)how to pass this file name and contents into http service (File is on SAME SERVER).
2)how install the certificates
my http service :
url — (In this we have directory and first we need to get Auth for this then only we can
travel to /incoming dir)
method :post
auth : user :uuuuuu
pass :****

I really appreciate your help and suggestion\


You will need to create a Java service to post the content-type of multi-part/form to the URL that you mentioned and pass in the username, password, url, and filename. Here are samples of Java code to perform that:

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