HTTPS Post with certificate authentica in JAVA


I want to do a post to a HTTPS url.
I am the client and i need to post to a webmethods server (wich require a certificate for authentication).

The server requires a certificate for authentication (i think when i see the logging from the server)

[3402]2007-02-13 14:05:31:231 [ISP.0047.0016E] The required client certificate was not provided by /My_IP

I am not using any tool for posting the message, i all have written it in Java-code.
But now comes the issue, i don’t know exactly how to present my certificate for authentication with the webmethods server in my java-code.

I already can connect to the socket, do a handshake without any problems, but when i’m sending data, i received nothing back. So i think my authentication is not succesful done.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


There should be lots of information on various java related sites about how to write code to present a cert when posting to an HTTPS URL.

I spent 15 seconds on Google and found interesting results using the search string “java https connection”. Who knows what you might find if you invested, you know, some real effort.


i spend almost 2 weeks on it now, were i think half of the time i’m testing examples from the net.

I searched day in day out, and i don’t find a solution, so i’m posting here to get some reaction from surious people who have expirience in it.

I can send u a lot of code if you want, wich all wont work.

if it was that simple i already found it.

plz any help