HTTPS Post - baseURL (char=ý; offset=4422) - XML string is empty


Thanks for reading this.

One of the Customer is making a HTTPS post. IS is receiving the request however the Xmlnodetodocument service output is only the XML header <?xml version="1.0"?>. There is no other Data available.

Customer mentions that he is posting a valid xml data which we verified when he sent over the xml in a text file.

This happens only to a few orders.

we enabled the tracelogs in our prod servers and were able to capture few things.

baseURL (char=ý; offset=4422)

These are the two statements in the server logs. along with the xmlnodetodocument/documentToxmlstring gives the same output which is xml header.
Can you please suggest me what else we can do about this.

Your Help is Appreciated.


ask the client to post to your WM with Content-Type:text/xml

Customer is using context-type = text/xml. as i mentioned few orders are coming through but few of them get rejected :frowning: