HTTPS call with out Certificate

Is there a way to make a HTTPS call with out using a certificate?
I am getting the following error while invoking HTTP svc with https URL.

HTTP Connection closed by remote host.

When I invoke the URL on the browser,I am getting a valid response.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Yes, you can. You can provide username/password for HTTPS. These are the auth parameters to the pub.client:http service.

The target server does not have any authentication.It is accepting any HTTPS calls.

It could be a SSL configuration issue. Is the remote server webMethods? The abrupt connection closure resembles how webMethods behaves when the remote HTTPS port is set to ‘require client certificates’. Does your IS have a SSL server certificate installed? (i.e. do your “Security > Certificates > Outbound SSL certificates” settings point to actual certificate files). If so, from what I recall, the remote server must be configured to trust your certificate’s issuing Certificate Authority (ie. the remote server must trust your certificate’s intermediate and root CA certificates).

I have figured out the issue.
Initially we were making a HTTP call and we have set our proxy server on the console under HTTP.
We were making the same call as HTTPS with out adding the proxy server under HTTPS.
After providing the proxy server under HTTPS,we are able to make successful calls.


Well done Krishna - good it’s all sorted out :slight_smile: