Http to service that starts with stringToDocument parameters are missing

When I try to post an xml message with the service pub.client.http and I add the xml data in the input variable String, then the service that is call returns an error code 403 and in the error log I can see that the error message was “Parameters xmldata, $filestream and $filedata are all missing”. The first service in the flow is stringToDocument. Do I have to insert another service prior to stringToDocument to fill the variable xmldata?


Have you specified Content-Type as “text/xml” in http service?

or else

Try sending with $xmldata as a argument and set content-type as "text/xml in the http posting service and specifiy *node as input in the invoking service.


If your Content-Type is set to ‘text/xml’ on the client service, then on the server side, you’ll receive your XML document as a ‘node’ object. You can pass this node object to ‘pub.web:documentToRecord’ to convert the node object to a record representing your XML, then you can pass this record to ‘pub.web:recordToDocument’ to convert the record back into an XML document.

Alternatively, you can perform XQL (XPath-like) or WQL queries against the ‘node’ object by passing the node to ‘pub.web:queryDocument’. For example, after passing the node to this service, click on the variables tab, and add the WQL statement ‘doc.src’ and assign the result to ‘xmldata’ as a String object, and you should get your original XML document. More examples can be found in the developer tool documentation.

Ok. I tried Content-Type ‘text/xml’ and ‘pub.web:documentToRecord’ instead of stringToDocument and it works!


Besides using “TEST->SEND XML File…”, what are other ways to send and test XML file in SAP BC?