HTTP put error

I am trying to implement uploading a document on the another webMethods server using http put. But I am getting the following error. [B2BCORE.0064.9324] Server Error: Not Implemented
at pub.client.http(

The HTTP port are enabled on the server and I can download the files on the same server.
I am using pub.client.http service with method as put.

Has anyone any idea what is going wrong here.


Looking at the docs for pub.client:http it says that put is a valid method but I suspect that it is not implemented/supported, as indicated by the error you’re seeing. None of the information about the other parameters to http talks about put, though they mention the other methods such as post, get, head, etc.

Are you sure that the remote server supports the PUT operation?

Eduardo, The HTTP port is enabled on that server.
How can I varify if the server supports put operation or not.

Rob, What difference does it makes if I use Post or Get or Put as a method in http.

RC describes all the http methods. Take a look at section 9.6 for a discussion of the fundamental differences between put and post.

I think the only difference of meaning in this situation, however, is that the exception “Server Error: Not Implemented” indicates that put is not supported by IS.

Which type of server are you putting to?

FYI – The Integration Server only supports HEAD, GET, and POST operations at this time.

From the first post:
“…implement uploading a document on the another webMethods server using http put.” So it sounds like the put is being attempted to an IS box.

Sorry, I guess I should of read the message a little closer…

The error message you’re getting is definitely from the remote IS.

Thanks Rob and Eduardo,
Using Post I could able to connect to the remote server.
But I could not able to submit the data on the remote server.
I am Posting the message thru data/bytes input to http service.
Is there any other way I need to give input to the http service.
Also we are planning to send big files using the same process.
In that case what is the best way.
To use stream object or to use bytes.


I am trying to invoke a remote service (On IS server B) using the client of IS server A. I am using http invoke to do this from client.
The remote service accepts body (record) as an input (output of http service).
Somehow I am not able to post the data to the remote service using the http URL.
Is there a way we can test out this directly from the browser.
I need to know how can I submit the data using http URL to a remote server.