HTTP PostSoap Web Service call


We have a scenerio where one of our company service will expose either an ASP page for a straight HTTP Post or a SOAP enabled web service (for now, we havent decided on HTTP Post or SOAP)

If it is ASP pages, it will be:


If it is a web service, the web Methods will be:
ProcessPO (string xml)
ProcessRec (string xml)

Is it a big deal to change from HTTP Posts to formal Web Service calls? Does that really matter wheather thats a HTTP Post or Soap calls from the wMethods perspective?

Appreciate your solutions.


For an XML post, the processPO accepts an XML document in pure XML form. If it were a web serivce, you would generate the WSDL from the processPO service to pass to the client. The processPO service would still remain in tact.

The document from the client would arrive at the IS in SOAP XML format. The webMethods SOAP processor will handle the SOAP stack and extract the XML document (which would be the same XML document you were receiving before).

Granted, depending on which type of web service protocol you use, there are some differences. I suggest you read the webMethods Web Services guide for a little more detail as you move in the route.