HTTP POST wsdl problem

I am http posing a XML with content-type:“text/xml”; however, I cannot see the node object in service.

I see an input named as “<?xml version”, value is the rest of the xml string.

I use httpWebRequest to have straight http call from .net.

Q1. After I add web reference via wsdl, I found the proxy file is just an empty name space, nothing else.
Q2. Since the proxy is nothing there, I post XML by direct http call. I do not need wsdl, then, what is wsdl for?

thanks for help.


wsdl (It used for webservice SOAP integrations).Since you do direct http post from external client you can ignore webservice/wsdl terms in your case.


Why not use a Web Service instead of a direct http call using an XML string :eek:. Since you are using .Net, this should be pretty straightforward for you. And it takes away the uglies of XML from the .Net side. Mark C. posted a sticky post to this forum on how to do it.

It gives you a more standards based interface, .Net will abstact the XML away from you. And if you do it correctly a less brittle interface.


you are right, I alrady make SOAP-RPC, SOAP-MSG work.
I just try to see how HTTP POST works from .net client.

the proxy created by HTTP POST wsdl is almost nothing.

namespace wsTest1.httpPostAdd {


so, how I can use wsdl to HTTP post XML from .net? and why I cannot see the ‘node’ object when I RestorePipelinefromFile as document mentioned.




If you did not create a WSDL to support an HTTP post port type, there won’t be anything for .Net to use to create an HTTP POST proxy.

In general, the HTTP POST port type is not used very often in my experience neither in the wider web services space or in webMethods IS.



what is your mean “if you did not create a WSDL to support an HTTP post port type”?

I create WSDL from webmethods, and followed the steps in guide for creating HTTP POST wsdl.



Maybe you should post your question on a .Net support forum.