HTTP POST related Query

Hello ,

I am quite new to webMethods and have faced the following issue where any suggestions would be great :

Scenario :
Client wants to send an XML through HTTP post .

Problem :
Client wants to have a synchronous process - so I guess any TN update or folder path dump is not possible .

Question :
I tried to invoke a service through an URL in the format http://servername:port/invoke/packagename.folder:service?InputParameter1 & InputParameter2 .

But now I am really confused , how to pass a full xml that will directly hit the concerned service that would take the xml as input .

Please suggest any ideas . Any new synchronous flow suggestion is also welcomed.


Refer to the XML Developer’s Guide for this information. You can find this in the _documentation/Developer/Guides directory. If you have any specific questions after reviewing that please post them.

hey thanks for the tip reamon !! I went thru and this is what I tried successfully :

  • Using the pub.client:http , I have posted an xml to the service URL that I want to invoke and it worked successfully .

Now , basically while using pub.client:http, we are posting an XML string .

So now I have a question that can be a silly one :

If the client sends an XML string , is that secured ?


It will be secure on the wire only over https. Using http will post the data in the clear.