http post problem

hi all,

iam doing an integration using http post method.we have to send an xml file using http post.but whenever we are trying to post the xml file to the url it is throwing the error as status:500,“internal server error”. please help me out.

thanks in advance

That means that the server that you are trying to send the msg to throw an error. Check on the server to make sure they have received the XML and are processing it successfully.

You can also check the responseString and see if the server is returning any info to further investigate.


We are posting a flat file through http using http client.
i have set the content-type = application/x-wmflatfile and given the url of the recieving service.
Though the data get posted but I dont see the data in the receiving service when i try to trace it using save and restore pipeline.
I need to get the data and convert it to a document using convertToValues.

Can some one please do let me knopw how to proceed with this.


check the server log and error log on the receiving server to see what’s happening ( you may raise the logging level to get more info).
Try content-Type = text/xml.

Input streams are not visible when saving pipeline to filesystem.

Use savePipeline (NOT savePipelineToFile) in the receiving flow service and check whether you get anything…you should be able to see either ffdata object or contentStream object (both as input streams).
This is your starting point.

  1. Nothing in pipeline means something is wrong on the IS when receiving the data -> check server log and error log
  2. Data in pipeline - continue with parsing…

Hope this helps


Hi Smith,
In your Post you mentioned your are getting status:500,“internal server error”. As mentioned by other this is the Erro caused by theReceiving System. But there is some thing on webMethods Side also.
First are you converting the XML suing escape characters before doing the Http post.
What type of Encoding are u using. Did you used any other type of encoding to resolve the problem.

and If your are using this Http post in a SOAP call check which version is the webMethods SOAP and the receiving SOAP. this may also cause the error.

And just check once for a fix on advantage site. I remember there is one fix post regarding this error