HTTP Post of .txt File

Hello all,

I’m trying to post a flat file (.txt) file that’s stored on my HDD to a specified URL. I’m getting nowhere when using pub.client:HTTP. I’m trying to simply login to this URL, but the pub.client:HTTP is not translating the request as I’d like. I can’t even login to this URL, much less post the file.

I made a simple html form outside of webMethods that works beautifully:


But how can I mock this functionality in the webMethods pub.client:HTTP service? For only logging in purposes, I’ve tried adding in the below information to the header document, but it didn’t work. Please help.

(name) (value)
Content-Disposition form-data; name=“user”; value=“3011”
Content-Disposition form-data; name=“password”; value=“PW”

Much appreciated,

Hi David,

Could you please let me know if you are able to fulfill this now.

Thank you,