We have a service which accepts HTTP POST from a TMS system, some times the TMS system experiencing “Broken Pipe” errors while posting the data into IS, but if they re-try the same transaction after 5 minutes gap then it works fine for them. There is no error logged in IS what so ever. We have been trying to identify the issue, but so far no luck. On the other hand so far we have not experienced any problem when we do the POST into their servlet. They are saying its something to do with webMethods(ofcourse as a fan of wM I dont buy that). I am just wondering anybody experienced this problem before?.

IS Version - 4.6, Service can be invoked only by that user through a specific HTTP port.

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Have you resolved the issue? Although I can not provide a solution, could you use savePipeLineToFile at the beginning of the service to save the pipeline off each time its executed. For the file name, use a sequential value (i.e. SavedFile%timestamp%.xml) to determine what is happening for those failed requests?

Of course its not WM

what do you mean by " broken pipe" errors?
And the transaction you’ve mentioned is database transaction?
If it is, then we’ve met almost the same issue.
After the java application insert the data, commit and call wm service using http post but in wm, we can’t get the database data correctly sometimes.